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June 2023                       Spank the Carp                     Lucky Losers

April 2023                       Ariel Chart                              Putin: A Dilettante in the Art of War

March 2023                    Metasteller                              Giselle and Mr. Goebbels                 

March 2023                     Vine Leaf Press                    Hospitality

January 2023                 Outlook by the Bay                Ten Days in Turkey

January  2023                 Down in the Dirt                  Samuel’s Saga            


November 2022 Outlook by the Bay The Antietam Illumination

October 2022        Globe Soup Competition          Jimbo’s Arm (Honorable Mention)

October 2022             Commuter Lit                          The Impish Yard Ghost

October 2022              Outlook by the Bay             Tuckahoe Plantation 

September 2022         Guided by Plots                    Behind the Plots (an anthology) 

August 2022                Outlook by the Bay                Backyard Bocce

July 2022                       101 Word Stories                    A Zoom Wedding

July 2022                        Spill It! Back Talk                   Hope!

July 2022                        Vine Leaf Press                     Sludge Cakes

July 2022                       Corvus review                         CORVUS i18 ssThe Doll Wife (reprint)

June 2022                    Canary                                          Quoth the Owl, Nevermore

June 2022                    Outlook by the Bay                 Point and Figure Charting (pages  44-45)

June 2022                    Outlook by the Bay                Yin Eyes: A Review of Amy Tan’s The Hundred Secret Senses (Page 42)

June 2022                     Commuter Lit                       Absko Kipkorir

May 2022                      Outlook by the Bay             Golf and Writing

May 2022                     The Bookends Review        The Fields of Santa Clara

April 2022                    Discretionary Love                  Mildred Martin

April 2022                   Commuter Lit                         The Real Sally Cartwright?

February 2022           The Writer’s College             A Flowchart for Writers

January, 2022               Spill It!                                    How can we reduce the polarization that is destroying democracy?

January, 2022 Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis Tripping With TJ

January, 2022                Outlook by the Bay              The Lantern Festival in Hangzhou


December, 2021           Outlook By The Bay                 Christmas on the Isthmus pages

December , 2021     Sci-Fi Lampoon                           The Confetti Chucker

October ,2021                 Commuter Lit                         The Namesake

October, 2021       The Writer’s College    Writing Is A Game for Optimists

September, 2021           Commuter Lit                          Dressed in Grey

August, 2021                  The Bookends Review            Walking with Memories

July, 2021                        Spill It!                                            Is Woke Broke?

July, 2021                         Outlook by the Bay                    Book Review: The Splendid and the Vile

July, 2021                        101 Word Story                                In the Pharmacy

July, 2021                        101 Word Story                                Bocaracá

May, 2021                       The Journal of Expressive Writing  Common Sense

May, 2021                      Horla  (Discontinued)        Review : “Whisper Down the Lane”

April, 2021                    Vine Leaf Press                    The Painter a 50-word story Included in the anthology The 50 Word Stories of 2021

February, 2021                Horla (Discontinued)       The Doll Wife

February 9, 2021            The Scarlet Leaf Review   Roger’s Gift


December 13,2020        On the Premises                  Second Place in a Writing Contest   

November 20 ,2020       Paper Dragon                   CABG and COVID

November 8, 2020        The Daily Drunk               Review: “The Queen’s Gambit”

 October 2020             Commuter Lit                        Walking with Memories

October 2020,           365 Tomorrows!                      Giselle and Mr. Goebbels

August 2020              The Daily Drunk                     Notes From A Baseball Dilettante


Winter 1998              The ATA Magazine           Volume 78     No. 2

No Boundaries: How to use email to enhance Social Studies Activities

September 1993      Learning Magazine

The Legend of Lincoln         

June 1991                 The Virginia Engineer         Volume XL   No. 6

The Enduring Gatling Gun, Technology Updates Weaponry

 January 1987          The Social Studies Magazine        Volume 78

Using the Computer in Middle School Social Studies

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