March 2023                     Vine Leaf Press                    Hospitality

March 2023                    Metasteller                              Giselle and Mr. Goebbels   

January  2023                 Down in the Dirt                  Samuel’s Saga            

October 2022 Globe Soup Competition Jimbo’s Arm (Honorable Mention)

October 2022             Commuter Lit                          The Impish Yard Ghost

July 2022 101 Word Stories A Zoom Wedding

July 2022                        Vine Leaf Press                     Sludge Cakes

July 2022                      Corvus review                         CORVUS i18 ssThe Doll Wife(reprint)

June 2022                     Commuter Lit                       Absko Kipkorir

May 2022                     The Bookends Review        The Fields of Santa Clara

April 2022                    Discretionary Love                  Mildred Martin

April 2022                   Commuter Lit                         The Real Sally Cartwright

December , 2021         Sci-Fi Lampoon                      The Confetti Chucker

October ,2021                Commuter Lit                         The Namesake

September, 2021           Commuter Lit                          Dressed in Grey

July 2021                          101 Words                               In the Pharmacy

  July 2021                          101 Words                              Bocaracá    

May, 2021                      Horla  (Discontinued)         Review : “Whisper Down the Lane”

April, 2021                    Vine Leaf Press                    The Painter a 50-word story

Included in the anthology The 50 Word Stories of 2021

February, 2021                Horla (Discontinued)       The Doll Wife

February 9, 2021            The Scarlet Leaf Review   Roger’s Gif

December 13,2020        On the Premises                  Second Place in a Writing Contest   

October 2020,           365 Tomorrows!                      Giselle and Mr. Goebbels

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